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What is a girl?

Páginas do Tourbook do The Girlie Show com uma inteligente e irônica entrevista com Madonna sobre o que era esse show e sua criação.

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Madonna answers the most frequently asked questions about the Girlie Show:

What is a girl?
The opposite of a boy

How can you tell if a girl is a girl?
You're a girl if everybody looks down on you.

How can you tell the girls from the boys in the Girlie Show?
Look under their arms.

What is the purpose of the Girlie Show?
A girl has to make a living.

Does the Girlie Show involve nudity?
Is the Pope Catholic?

Is Madonna really sining or is she lip syncing to tape?
Well, I am actually singing through the performance. Although at times other entities such as Venus, Eros, Maurice Chevalier or Gypsy Rose Lee may be singing using my body as an instrument. If I miss a note you can tell it was Gypsy Rose Lee singing through me.

What were Madonna's influences in putting together the Girlie Show?
Fellini, Bob Fosse, Gene Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, Bozo the Clown, Cabaret, Lola Montes, Les Enfants du Paradis, My Fair Lady, The King and I, Le Cirque de Soleil, The Crazy Horse Saloon, Studio 54 and the Baby Doll Lounge. Not necessarily in that order.

How did you audition the Girlie Show ensemble?
First I had choreographed stuff I had them do. The I asked them to dance and improvise, whatever the music moved them to do. Then I called back all the people who looked good and could really dance and I asked each of them to tell a joke or an amusing story. If they were really embarrassed and couldn't do it I didn't pick them. Then the ones that were left, I asked them if they would shave their heads. Not that I was going to shave their heads. I just wanted to see how far they were willing to go for me.

Are there any rules that the Girlie Show company has to obey?
No one is allowed to wear cowboy boots. And if they're married or have significant others they are supposed to pretend they don't. And everyone has to give me a present.

What's the high point of the show?
For some people it will be my brassiere.
For me it's the one number that I'm not in that give me six minutes to rest.

What color will your hair be?
What hair?

How should people dress for the Girlie Show?
In something loose and absorbent.

Is there a geographical plan behind the Girlie Show tour itinerary?
I'm not interested in preaching to be converted, so basically I'm going to the places where I have the most enemies. That's why I'm starting in London.

Does the tour plane have a name?
It's called Juanita. That's also the name of everyone in the east.
It's really a coincidence. "

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